Murky, A clear view!!!

Just woke up ? I don’t know what happened, it might be something in my dream.. A nightmare ???

Ahh, I couldn’t remember though.

Double tapped on my mobile screen, it’s 2.38 AM. A notification is popping up “Alarm @ 5.30 AM”. Oh dear lord, what do I do now.

Long silence 🔕

I got up and went out to the balcony. Here it is, it’s so peaceful out there, no one is around, I told myself while looking down from the balcony. Then heard very familiar voice “a dog barks”. I looked at the road side, yeah here comes a super gang of stray dogs.

This is the only time they feel like they own the world, a thought lingers in my mind. Probably it’s true, this is the only time they get to be themselves and do whatever they want, do whatever they feel, go wherever they like. After all they are also living thing.

I can listen my favorite song, I thought and went inside my room to get my mobile phone.

Wait !!!

Leave it, I can listen my favorite song anytime any day, I told to myself and put the mobile on charging and back to my favorite place.

Yes, I am able to hear something now,

Silence, A voice that carries nothing. Moon, showering its light through clouds and struggles to get its visibility. Only few stars ? I can count them and tell everyone that I counted stars, being childish in the middle of the night, I smiled.

Suddenly I heard voices, talking about me ???

To be continued…


Author: T@ROON

I love reading and writing . I love to capture and explore experiences of life. Reading gives me experiences of others Life, Writing gives me experiences of my Life. So here journey begins... Unwinding Myself...

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