My First blog..

This is the post excerpt.


Here I have started journey of my life, so I think if you want to live your journey then, you have to start writing about it.

So, I will be writing my thoughts about how I feel the world.

The Sun, The Ocean, The Sky.


A Girl who chases the Bus!!!

“Stop the Bus” I shouted sitting in the front of the bus !!! Driver heard my voice and quickly pushed his foot down on the brake, bus slows down and halts.

What Happened ? He asked.

She is coming, She is coming. I told him.

I saw her waving and running through our bus window.

Here, she got into the Bus. We both looked at each other, she smiled and said “Thank you”. I smiled too.

We have already met a month ago, it was her first day at office, she was standing near by bus stop anxiously with her sister, I just reached to the same bus stop where I catch the bus daily.

She looked at my I-Card, and asked are you from Barclay’s ? I nodded quickly.

What time bus arrives at ? She asked, it’s always late, the timing given in the bus routine are quite early, always consider 15 mins buffer, I explained her in detail as I was going with the same bus since last two weeks.

She was relieved and said “Thank God, then I have enough time to catch the bus” ending her sentence, she asked her sister to leave and said goodbye to her.

After few moments of silence, we started talking. We introduced each other. Then got to know one interesting fact, she was from the same organization where I worked and left now. We both smiled and bus came, we got into the Bus, she occupied the front seat and I went back and sat there.

Quite a pleasant day, I said amazingly.

The reason I am writing about her is the way she chases the Bus on regular basis, Even though she has 15 minutes buffer time to catch the bus, she regularly does the super chase on her super bike “Activa” with her super younger sister who comes with her to take super bike back with her after dropping her off.

Today, it happened again and I saw super thrilled chase again, I smiled when she caught the Bus and there it struck in my mind to write about her.

Never stop chasing whatever you want in your life !!! Until you get it.

That’s the simple yet beautiful inspirational message I learn from her.

the UNKNOWN !!!

Have you ever been in to a kind of situation where you are surrounded by a strangeness ? or unknownness ?

I don’t know why this is happening to me but yes, something is strange or something has changed. I am not able to figure it out.

An Unknown intoxication is gripping my heart.

OR.., it might happen that :-

I have started looking at things differently. I can feel this change, I am the part of this phase.

My heart beats functioning normally, my mind is also thinking straight, I am running after something which I don’t know or even exists.

“The Unknown Phase”

The beauty of unknown is yet to come, it’s not defined. You can’t confine it either. It goes forever like this. It’s like a chain of events which are about to happen without any reason, without any chance, without any plan. But they do happen.

Yes, I am going through this phase of total unknown ness now. I am trying to connect the dots but not going exactly where I have started, I am missing few dots probably. They aren’t visible to me, they might be covered by the UNKNOWN.

However good thing about it is, that I am aware of the unknown and can feel the strangeness too. it’s riding and floating along with me, and I am enjoying every bit out of it. I am counting every steps taken in the journey.

A journey which takes you nowhere is called a journey with the UNKNOWN.

Turning Single, A bright side!!!

Well, it’s not about turning 30, 40 or 50, because I still have couple of years to reach there 🙂

Yes, it’s true. I am not saying I am single yet, but I am turning into it.

When you never had a relationship then you are quoted as “Single” or even if you never expressed your feelings still you are titled as “Single”.

Because being in a relationship, you need other end to reciprocate.

But what if I say “turning single” ?

First of all it’s a phase, not a status.

“turning single” also needs other end to reciprocate.

It’s not about your breakups, patch ups, rejections, acceptances.

Come on, come out of the only phrase called “Relationship Status”.

What I think about turning single is when you get disconnected or disengaged or more refine word would be ‘detach’ from the other end.

Other end ? What’s that ?

Other end, it’s a phase or a journey between the way you were born and the way you have become now. You have not remained same the way you born.

Because you are adapting almost everything.

Let’s say, now if someone started smoking, it means he has adapted a part of it, he was not born with it. He is in relationship with smoking, this is the “OTHER END” I am talking about, So what I mean here is, if you are getting detached with smoking then you are turning single as simple as that. Detachment is not quitting, being detached is a phase and quitting is a state. So better be in the phase rather than being in a idle state.

“Learn to unlearn!!!”

So, Turning Single is all about, to get detach from your vices, your belief systems, your unfulfilled desires, your worries, your mistakes, your defeat, your ego, your success, your pride, your respect, then only you can find a true self , one self and a step closer to it, “YOURSELF”.

Murky, A clear view!!!

Just woke up ? I don’t know what happened, it might be something in my dream.. A nightmare ???

Ahh, I couldn’t remember though.

Double tapped on my mobile screen, it’s 2.38 AM. A notification is popping up “Alarm @ 5.30 AM”. Oh dear lord, what do I do now.

Long silence 🔕

I got up and went out to the balcony. Here it is, it’s so peaceful out there, no one is around, I told myself while looking down from the balcony. Then heard very familiar voice “a dog barks”. I looked at the road side, yeah here comes a super gang of stray dogs.

This is the only time they feel like they own the world, a thought lingers in my mind. Probably it’s true, this is the only time they get to be themselves and do whatever they want, do whatever they feel, go wherever they like. After all they are also living thing.

I can listen my favorite song, I thought and went inside my room to get my mobile phone.

Wait !!!

Leave it, I can listen my favorite song anytime any day, I told to myself and put the mobile on charging and back to my favorite place.

Yes, I am able to hear something now,

Silence, A voice that carries nothing. Moon, showering its light through clouds and struggles to get its visibility. Only few stars ? I can count them and tell everyone that I counted stars, being childish in the middle of the night, I smiled.

Suddenly I heard voices, talking about me ???

To be continued…

I, Cracked !!! BUT…

Cracked!!! , yes, I did. It just happened again.

How do you see a cracked version of yourself ?

Have you ever seen you in the cracked mirror ?

Yes, it will show the cracked version of you, great things about cracked mirror is, everyone can see their version and when they stand with you they will find themselves cracked too !!!

But this is not the reality, it’s superficial, you put a new mirror and here you are, you can see a complete version again…

Then what does it mean I, Cracked ?

Yes, I cracked from inside ?

Inside, what is inside me ?

Physical part would be a Heart, Spiritual part would be a Soul, Intangible part would be feelings, beliefs, trust, and love.

A part of inside me is cracked, broken, scattered. I am a bit afraid now, it will take time, I have started gathering all the broken chips, I might lose a small chip while gathering. It might thrown far away from me, it might not be visible or i can’t hold it anymore in my tiny hands, or I might find all the pieces but couldn’t be able to put exactly where they were.

Yes, I cracked because I couldn’t play a role the way you wanted and i couldn’t love you the way you wanted, that was your mirror in which you wanted me to look alike, that was your fire in which you wanted me to burn.

Yes, I cracked under pressure, no choices left with me. Decision was hard to take, sometimes it’s good to get cracked rather than being unused.


The best part of cracked thing is you get rid of it and there is a slight chance or a choice you may have to meet a newer version of it, it may possible you won’t look similar thing again because it cracked.

Now you might not exactly know what you wanted but you definitely know what you don’t want.

That’s is the beauty lies in the cracked ness.

Heart ek Dhadkan!!!

Heart, ever felt it’s beat?

Yes, I felt it, those moments come in our life when we hear a beat coming down from the heart.

It could be anything :

Your first love story, your remarkable achievement, your most adventurous trip or any eureka moment which struck to your heart when it happens.

“Kahte hai Dil dhadakta toh roz hai, magar hum sunte tabhi hai jab hume iski jarurat ho”…

There is saying “take decision by your heart because heart know you very well and takes decision right.”

I believe this happens only when our mind is in sync with the heart, because ultimately it’s a calculative move which is taken by us.

Mind alone says “follow the rules”

Heart alone says “follow no rules”

When both work in harmony and they conclude

“create our own rules and follow them”

Ultimately its all about heart,

Have you ever heard about “HUNGER of HEART”

In fact, everyone around us feel the hunger in their lives.

How many hearts have we touched?

How many hearts have we won?

How many hearts have little space for us?

Celebrities, politicians, prominent personalities might not have actual figures, but people like me can count this on finger.

I believe, heart is our private mansion where we create our own world and allow those who we think are worth staying there.

Few people are like tenants, they come, they stay, they enjoy, they love, they care, they feel, they cherish and they leave and pay us with bunch of memories.

I won’t say “unforgettable memories”

Because it’s all depend upon the fragrance which they left behind.

Few people are like heart beats, they skip a beat together, they stay forever, they purchase a part of the mansion with unlimited validity, and we can’t throw them away as well of course we also want them to stay with us forever. It’s a matter of choice.

So keep your mansion open for everyone, let people stay, enjoy, live, love and leave.

“Feel the beat of your heart”

“Bahne do dil ko Dhadkan ki tarah, Mahakne do ghar ko khushbu ki tarah,Khali ho makan ya aahat ho kisi ki,Jeene do dil ko parinde ki tarah…”

God ek Insaan!!!

“GOD”, a super human or an ordinary man?


An Ordinary Man with super natural power.

As per our mythology, we made to believe in that God is who generates the world, who operates the world, who destroys the world. Hence it became GOD.

Generator, Operator, Destroyer.

They have all the power to do so, hence it creates fear in our heart.

There is saying “we don’t pray to God because we love God, we pray because we have fear of God”.

It is fact now because we have not tried to know about God or about it’s so called power.

We accepted the term God and also accepted his power, and believe that he is omnipresent and omnipotent.

We love stories about their origin, their childhood, their upbringing, their godliness impact on the world.

We believe, because we can’t see it, we can’t feel it.

Now days I am seeing such tradition and rituals to buy a God from market and worship him and ask him for countless happiness.

“Fair Deal with God”

This is one perspective towards God.

I have seen another form as well called a bright side.

God is becoming a reason to meet our people, our families and social gatherings.

Faith, Belief, Trust all come together in the name of God.

I can see few smiling faces, few tears in eyes and love with so many conditions without expecting 100 % return.

Still someone is starving, someone is donating, someone is sharing, someone is giving, someone is begging, someone is hoping.

“Kaash God ek Insaan hi hota, shayad insaan se kabhi mil toh sakta, sirf duaao me naa sahi, haqiqat se bhi rubaru toh hota”

Kaash God ek Insaan hi hota…